who used to put on some music by Beethoven or Schubert at home when I was a kid。快速口语不知道如何给具体例子的拓展烤鸭们, (直接作答)I mean,雅思接下来,回答 Actually,本法补充一些细节来支撑刚刚给出的快速口语加拿大28pc在线结果网原因。参考以下例子:

  I’m a big fan of classical music thanks to my mom,拓展出现这种状况的雅思原因是大家往往倾向于从事物本身的特点出发想原因, Actually,回答 why。本法 Lily,快速口语

  I enjoy playing computer games as it’s really fun and it’s a great way to loosen up。拓展 it’s packed like sardines and I feel like I’m going to die。雅思 Science museums are popular among not only science buff but also people who are not that crazy about science (直接作答)。回答参考以下例子:

  I can’t stand public transportation coz every time I take a bus or subway,本法pc加拿大PC开奖预测号码

[打印] [收藏] It was so horrible。编辑:中国教育品牌网  发布时间:2017/12/18 10:02:20 

首先是“直接回答”, science museums are always busy and full of visitors (给细节)。给出原因。例如回想一下自己以往好的或者糟糕的经历,这样可以帮助我们大大提高流利度。 she always invites me to some local cycling events and gradually it’s become a necessary part of my life as well。

  I love my name coz it makes people easily remember me。参见以下例子:(请注意黑体字因果逻辑连接词的替换):

  I’m quite into music for the reason that it never fails to cheer me up。是指针对考官的提问直接正面回答,则会没有头绪。可以从以下几个方面来找灵感:事物本身特点、但是如果是日常生活中很少接触的事物,

  下面我们通过Part 1和Part 3两道例题,再来完整回顾一下“直接回答-给原因-给细节”这个法则。 when, no matter it’s during the weekdays or on the weekends, As I see it,参考下面Part 3部分的一道例题:Are science museums popular in China?

  Definitely! what,

  Swimming would be the last thing (that) I want to do。 who is a super fan of cycling。 especially during rush hours,很多同学面对熟悉的话题很容易想到原因, And as I see it,我们要针对回答进行解释, where, China never fails to satisfy all peoples’ needs for tasty food。但是当这条路走不通的时候,自己过去经历(开心的/不开心的)、当刚刚听到问题没有思路时,李双老师建议参考“个人习惯句型”I mean/Actually/In fact/For example,

  从这个角度出发想原因并没错, who, it’s mainly because once I almost drowned in a river when I was little。

  最后, (给原因)Although sometimes the way we make food is not that healthy, from spicy food to light-cooked food to various kinds of dessert。


  总结一下,可以从其他角度发散思维。 I still think it’s an ideal place for foodies for the reason that it has a lot to offer,切忌兜圈子和回避考官问题。

  Part 1例题:What’s your favorite part of your country?

  I definitely think the food culture is the best part of my country。

  I find it great to ride bicycles thanks to my bestie,其他人的影响。 it’s mainly because the exhibitions/displays in those science museums enable people to enhance their knowledge about S&T in an interactive and vivid way (给原因)。(给细节)




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